Our Story

Stitched Poetry – A label which strives to weave poetry in its outfits. A label which believes in stitching together not just threads but ideas and stories. A label which flows and seeps in your heart just like poetry. The ethos behind stitched poetry is enveloped around handcrafted pieces, which take pride in their details and timeless silhouettes. The label strongly believes that every style has a tale of its own. Each thread comes together to convey the trail of thoughts which remind you of vibrant summer mornings and peaceful starry nights.

With hassle free silhouettes and breezy fabrics which take you back to the simpler times of life, our design philosophy is minimal yet flattering. Every member of the Stitched Poetry family is a storyteller in their own stride. We found our inspiration in the simple joys around us which often go unnoticed- right from blossoming spring flowers to pleasant breezy days, from the stunning sight of clouds spread across an azure sky to the warmth of golden skies during sunset. The idea behind the label was seeded as a need to translate these surreal feelings and experiences into outfits which are much more than additions to the wardrobe, but beautiful feelings which one can never truly justify through words.