The subtle hues of pastel green, the simplicity of powder blue, the tranquility of white and the elegance of baby pink is what sums up the color pallette of Stitched Poetry’s Serendipity collection.This collection takes its inspiration from the simple joys one has ceased to recognize- cloudless skies, pleasant breeze, breathtaking sunsets which turn the sky into an artist’s canvas, the earthy smell of ground after rain, the soft fragrance of flower petals.. The list is endless!

From soft blues to sorbet pinks, pastels are the perfect choice to add elegance and lightness to any look. Pastel colors are best to be worn during the day, as they replicate the sunlight; they have a light feel to them and are mostly suited for casual or office outfits, as well as for relaxed parties and other casual settings.

The Serendipity collection features airy silhouettes which are hassle-free. Each outfit is adorned with floral embroidery or tassels which add the perfect pop of color to these beautiful neutral-toned ensembles.

Indulge in the peaceful aura of these outfits as they envelope you with warmth and elegance. Serendipity is all about coming across mesmerizing outfits which engulf you in happiness and joy.